Personal Banking

Foreign Currency Notes Conversion & Traveller's Cheques

Foreign currency note:

We provide a flexible and prompt foreign currency notes conversion service, including United States dollars (USD), European dollars (EUR), Chinese Renminbi (CNY), Hong Kong dollars (HKD) and Japanese Yen (JPY).

  • No commission request.*
  • The Bank's counter exchange rates will be applied for foreign currency notes conversion. Special exchange rates for large conversions can be negotiated.

Traveller's cheques are a safe way to carry your money when traveling overseas.

We buy:

  • We only accept the traveller's cheques issued by our correspondents.
  • Foreign currency traveller's cheques can be cashed into Australian Dollars. A commission will apply. And you should provide a valid passport or other identification, present the purchasing contract for verification.
  • Purchase of foreign currency notes by traveller's cheque will be subject to availability. Cheques sent for collection are subject to all charges incurred.


* In order to save your money and make your banking with us easier, Bank of China is going to abolish foreign exchange transaction fees! We wish to notify you of the following changes to the Foreign Exchange Transactions Section (Section 14) of the Schedule of Fees and Charges dated 1 April 2009 ("Schedule"). From 17 November 2009, we will abolish foreign exchange transaction fees. In addition, we will no longer require a minimum amount for conducting foreign exchange transactions.